A Different Puzzle (LT)

A Different Puzzle

A Different Puzzle formed quite recently, but band mates Sanijs Bondars, Guntis Kagis and Edvards Grieze have known each other for a while and have been good friends. Similar interests in music and great co-working skills finally brought the band together. All of them have roots in jazz. Sanijs and Guntis are drummers and Edvards gratuated as a jazz vocalist. Now Guntis and Edvards are studying sound engineering to improve their knowledge on producing and recording their own music. Artists like James Blake, Disclosure, Duke Dumont and Jamie Woon are just a couple of examples as source of their inspiration to study electronic music.

Sanijs Bondars – electronic drums
Edvards Grieze – vocals and keys
Guntis Kaģis – keys, percussion pad and other electronic stuff

Bar Loose
Tuesday 16th February 22:00
Wednesday 17th February 18:00
On the Rocks 
Thursday 18th February 21:00
Ravintolalaiva Wäiski 
Friday 19th February 00:30

Danger Group

Danger Group Promokuva1-2 Danger Group – about insecurity and some particular feelings. What is music if not dangerous play with frequencies? Because of this the goal is always unknown. There is an inevitable leap towards an undefined threat between silence and music.

As everything in life, anxiety too is a feast best shared. Danger Group’s existence is founded on this idea: six instrumentalists searching for (or escaping from) self-­awareness, seeking comfort in risk.

Gabriel Korhonen – trumpet
Anton Morozov – saxophone
Otso Summanen – guitar
Ville Viitanen – guitar
Lauri ’Danger’ Vaara – bass
Teemu Sarjamo – drums

Pjazza Monday 15th february 20:00

Daniel Patiño Trio (USA)


This trio has been put together specifically for this program. Daniel and Pablo are in a regular band together but Eli is a new addition to this trio. The music covers a wide range from Latin songs and rhythms to American RnB to jazz.

Daniel Patiño – vocals, guitar
Pablo Yescas – electric bass
Eli Fowler – drums and percussion

Arabiasali Monday 15th February 18:50
Thursday 18th February 16:30

Joosua Sarikoski


Joosua Sarikoski has, despite his relatively young age, already been through a lot as a musician. Having begun playing at the age of seven, the trumpeter, singer and songwriter started out with jazz, gathering experience from all kinds of combos. Over time Joosua has widened his field from pop to and rock and soul music.

Now Sarikoski has, for the first time, assembled a band to perform his own music. The band, made up of young, energetic players is sure to impress with its open-­minded attitude to music. Joosua seeks to bring out personality in his music. The songs vary from delicate singer­-songwriter stuff to energetic groove music.

Joosua Sarikoski – vocals and trumpet
Ville-Veikko Airaniemi – guitar
Aki-Pekka Alanko – bass
Jimi Ahonen – drums


Bar Loose Tuesday 16th February 21:00


Maulwurf pic Promohauskuttelu

Maulwurf is the stage name of Finnish electronic dance music producer Aleksi Kiiskinen. His genre-bending experimental antics cover a lot of ground on the spectrum of electronic dance music. However, his works often fit inside the borders of drum ’n’ bass or glitch hop. The musical style of Maulwurf has been described as distinctive, experimental, energetic and once or twice even violent.

Maulwurf is at his best when it comes to incorporating unexpected influences into his bass heavy tracks. He is known to have included ideas springing from as far as jazz and classical music, but also using the sounds from his day-to-day life, like the creaking of a door. With his music he seeks to evoke positive energy in the listener. Be it a smile, a tiny giggle or an immediate need to just dance. Above all he aims to entertain and bring forth the interesting lesser-known styles of electronic dance music with his music still being something to dance to.

Aleksi Kiiskinen – electronics

Sanomatalo Thursday 18th February 18:30
Ravintolalaiva Wäiski Friday 19th February 21:30


Mira TyviPromokuva3

MiRA is a soulful singer-songwriter. Her voice is a mixture of sensitivity and powerful interpretation. Songs are straightforward, down-to-earth stories about different encounters and experiences, presented with a little twinkle in her eye.

Finnish lyrics, honest stories and feelings are central to MiRA’s music. You can also hear powerful melodies and insidious grooves, with influences from pop, soul, rock and funk.

Mira Tyvi – vocals
Jussi Perälä – keyboards
Olli Jokinen – bass
Ville Kela – drums

Waltteri Toivonen will play guitar in this gig instead of band’s standing guitarist Miko Tekoniemi.

Arabiasali Wednesday 17th February 19:00

Mute Contour

Mute Contour Promokuva1

Mute Contour is a Helsinki-based contemporary soul group. The band was founded when old schoolmates Miko Kontturi and Heikki Saarenkunnas were reunited in Helsinki. They decided to gather a group of musicians to play Miko’s original tunes and see what it would turn out to be.

The music of Mute Contour is written without giving too much thought to genre specifity. It’s merely what the band wanted it to be. To these musicians, musical integrity and an energetic live show are top priorities.

Miko Contour – vocals
Gabriel Korhonen – trumpet
Lasse Ammann – saxophone
Jaakko Kiuru – keyboards
Jussi Nykänen – guitar
Heikki Saarenkunnas – bass
Teemu Sarjamo – drums


Arabiasali Monday 15th February 18:15
Ravintolalaiva Wäiski Friday 19th February 22:30



Nette is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Helsinki. In her music, electronic dance music meets hip-hop. Nette writes and composes her own songs, drawing from the stories of her life which the listener can relate to. The songs are characterized by catchy choruses and massive sounds.

”I want to inspire people to dance and have a great time. The important thing is to make them feel something – whether it arises from the lyrics, melody or from the overall feeling. Each of my songs is important to me. When I sing I want to be able to really mean what I say. It has been great to find myself as a singer and songwriter and be convinced that this is what I want to do”.

Nette – vocals
Atso Soivio – keyboards
Roope Riihijärvi – guitar
Georgi Gege Velinov – bass
Johannes Erkkilä – drums

Ravintolalaiva Wäiski Friday 19th February 20:30

Red Letter Day


Five people once happened to play together. This gave birth to a band now called Red Letter Day. A variety of musical styles eventually got mixed together and became pop music with diverse influences. Songs are written by the band’s singer Marko and are arranged by the whole band, the music reflecting the entire group’s vision.

Sad or happy, every day and every moment is important and has its purpose – we want to emphasize that with our songs. We make music to make you feel and perhaps awake new perspectives on whatever you are facing right now. Red Letter Day is about taking risks, being honest and true to yourself as well as fading the seams between musical styles and writing on their margins.

Marko – vocals and keyboards
Jussi Nykänen – guitar
Juho Karppinen – guitar and backing vocals
Heikki Saarenkunnas – bass
Ukri Suvilehto – drums

Ravintolalaiva Wäiski Friday 19th February klo 23:30

Three Cycle Group


Three Cycle Group was founded by three jazz musicians from Helsinki in the spring of 2015. Inspiration for using the traditional organ-guitar trio came from trying to stretch it far as possible. Keeping the band compact was important from the very beginning for the musical spontaneity enabled by its small size.

The organ trio is unique in its full-bodied sound. The tone of the two harmony instruments complementing each other’s sound makes the sound of an organ trio comparable to a bigger jazz ensemble. The sound of the band is based on American 1950s and 1960s jazz music, leaning on bluesy compositions and earthy grooves.

Otto Rissanen – guitar
Toomas Keski-Säntti – hammond
Tuomas Ruokonen – drums

Pjazza Monday 15th February 22:00
Kappeli Wednesday 17th February 20:00

Tuomas Norjanen Project


How to combine film scores to elements familiar from rock and metal? Is it possible to fit a symphony orchestra in a song already occupied by choirs, band instruments and vocal tracks without the sound engineer’s hair turning livid? Are 500 notes enough for a guitar solo? These are the questions that sparked the genesis of Tuomas Norjanen Project in the year 2015.

A few massive pieces had already piled up in the drawers of the band’s composer-guitarist Tuomas Norjanen. But a suitable team to put these pieces into practice seemed to be nowhere to be found. Tuomas was doomed to shred these epics all by himself till the end of time, until group’s drummer to be Topias Kupiainen was ready to take on this massive challenge dreaded by all engineer- and drummer-kind.

Tuomas Norjanen Project’s music could be best paralleled with the composer-guitarist’s twisted mind and knack for experimenting. The choral parts included in the songs are completely sung by the band and the symphony orchestra arrangements made by Tuomas.

Tuomas Norjanen – guitar
Turo Tapani – vocals
Aki Andrejeff – bass
Topias Kupiainen – drums

On the Rocks Thursday 18th February 23:00

Radiant Colors


About a year ago singer Eveliina Lähdevuori and guitarist Tom Efrati started writing songs together. Eventually, when they had enough songs, they formed a band with drummer Joel Matikainen and bassist Leevi Erkkilä. Radiant Colors is a mix of pop music and rock-attitude. A small band with a huge sound!

Eveliina Lähdevuori – vocals
Tom Efrati – guitar
Leevi Erkkilä – bass
Joel Matikainen – drums

On the Rocks Thursday 18th February 22:00


Läpä Already praised as the saviour of Finnish rock, Läpä has been compared to many Finnish greats such as J. Karjalainen and Anssi Kela. The multi-talented Lauri Koivusalo, nicknamed Läpä, writes touching and honest songs, which he performs together with his band of five young musicians.Lauri ”Läpä” Koivusalo – vocals and guitar
Sebastian Lindqvist – guitar
Leevi Erkkilä – bass
Ville-Pekka Vaaralahti – drums
Mikael Hassinen – keyboards
Bar Loose Tuesday 16th February 23:00

Linnea & Roni


Linnea & Roni on laulaja-sellisti Linnea Hildenin ja kitaristi Roni Ylhäisen kokeellinen jazziin painottuva yhtye. Epätavallisella kokoonpanollaan ja omintakeisella tyylillään se tekee vaikutuksen monenlaiseen yleisöön.

Duo perustettiin syksyllä 2015. Aluksi se oli perinteinen laulu ja kitara-duo, mutta yhtye sai pian uuden ilmeen kun kokoonpanoon lisättiin myös sello. Linnean ja Ronin tavoitteeksi tuli uudistaa perinteinen ja luoda jotakin mielenkiintoista.

Duon ohjelmisto koostuu pääosin Linnean ja Ronin omasta musiikista, mutta myös vaihtelevasti uuden luonteen saaneista jazzklassikoista. Musiikki vaihtelee minimalistisesta lähestymistavasta runsaampaan efektilaitteiden avulla luotuun äänimaailmaan. Ohjelmisto on monipuolisesti mukautettavissa kevyestä taustamusiikista omaperäisempään, jolloin se sopii monenlaisiin tilaisuuksiin.

Linnea Hilden – vocals and cello
Roni Ylhäinen – guitar

Karl Fazer Café Tuesday 16th February 20:00

Room 14 Band (RUS)

Room 14 Band

The band was founded in 2015 and initially appeared as a piano trio led by talented piano player Alexandra Nadtochy, a student of Mussorgsky college. Natural creative and artistic communication between students at the college turned the trio into a quintet. Name of the band comes from the place where students can always get together for rehearsal, communication, sharing ideas. One can hardly define the cozy auditorium 14 as spacious, but perhaps because of that it is the right place for informal spontaneous contacts leading to the solid artistic unions. All members of the band write music, believing that even a small idea can finally become a bright piece if everybody feels united.

Alexandra Nadtochy – piano
Lyusinda Isaeva – alto sax
Michael Shipov – tenor sax
Stanislav Nuzhny – bass
Maria Konosova– drums

Pjazza Monday 15th February 21:00
Kappeli Wednesday 17th February 21:00

Out in Tintou (EST)

Out in Tintou pic

Out in Tintou is a band of young Estonian musicians who get carried away when there is some good groove around. Their repertoire varies from indie-pop to jazz-hinted grooves. The band members who have come together from all across Estonia met in G. Ots Music School in Tallinn. The band holds a singer, guitarist, bassist and a drummer.

Tiina Adamson – vocals
Anni-Teele Värav – flute
Karl-Madis Pennar – guitar
Ats Tani – bass
Rando Lilleorg – drums

Karl Fazer Café 
Tuesday 16th February 19:00
Sanomatalo Thursday 18th February 15:45
Ravintolalaiva Wäiski Friday 19th February 19:30



Kaiti is a singer-songwriter from Helsinki who performs tender and captivating songs in Finnish. Her soft and nuanced voice stops the listener to enjoy stories about different shapes and forms of love. Kaiti’s music has been categorized as soulful and melancholic. You can find something timeless in it, but also something distinctive and new. Her songs have influences from pop, jazz and blues.

Kaiti Kink – vocals, acoustic guitar
Adeola Ikuesan – backing vocals
Jaakko Kiuru – keyboards
Roni Ylhäinen – guitar
Olli Jokinen – bass
Ville Kela – drums


Karl Fazer Café Tuesday 16th February 18.00
Sanomatalo Thursday 18th February 15.00

Eetu Palomäki Quartet

Eetu Palomäki Quartet Eetu Palomäki is an artist mostly involved in music and other sound based arts using tools like the piano and electronics as his instruments. With drummer Niko Koivuhovi, bassist Henri Nikkilä and guitarist Kristian Westerling they form a group called Eetu Palomäki Quartet. Together they make a void-like substance that absorbs influences from vast spectrum of different styles of music and other art forms with most characteristics coming from contemporary jazz, free improvisation and experimental electronic music. They explore the realms of sound and silence with the idea of transcending their limits as artists through the unity they create together.Eetu Palomäki – piano and electronics
Kristian Westerling – guitar
Henri Nikkilä – bass
Niko Koivuhovi – drums
Kappeli Wednesday 17th February 22:00

Yona & Dream on Big Band

Yonadreamon2 Dream On Big Band was formed in 2014, players being elementary schoolers from six different schools in the Eastern Helsinki area. Disadvantaged children have been able to discover musicianship through donated wind instruments, thanks to the Dream On charity program. Acting conductors for the DOBB are Jasmin Afaneh-Haanpää and Mikko Haanpää. Concerts are often starred by alumni of the Pop & Jazz Conservatory as soloists. The Close Encounters On Air -concert at Sanomatalo features the popular Finnish singer Yona.
Sanomatalo Thursday 18th February 18:00